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  Republic of Armenia — a state in Transcaucasia with a territory of 29,743 km2 and population of 3 million 277 thousand people*

Armenia is а landlocked country located to the South of Russia between Black and Caspian seas, occupying the most part of interstream area of Kura and Araks rivers, with a territory of 29,743 sq. km.

Armenia has borders with Georgia in the North, Azerbaijan in the East and in the South-West (Nakhichevan), Iran to the South, Turkey in the West. Total length of borders amounts to 1254 km.

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Economy and Finance

Key strategic directions of economic progress as defined by the Government of the Republic Armenia:

  • increase in competitiveness of Armenian products in the world market;
  • development of innovative competitive economy;
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In September 2012, with the support of the Asian Development Bank, the construction of a new «North-South» highway started.

The implementation of the program for which the bank lent $ 500 million, foresees road construction and repair works from the southern border of Armenia (Iran) to its northern border (Georgia). The goal  of this program is to provide Armenia’s output to the international trading ways and markets.

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The tourism business in Armenia continues to develop dynamically. Only in the past 2012, over 1 mln. Tourists visited the Republic.

According to the list compiled in September 2011 by the «National Geographic Traveler» magazine by the results of international voting, Armenia entered the group of three countries, leading in the nomination «Active tourism».

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Both foreigners and local residents consider Armenia as the country where it is safe to live and work. Business climate in Armenia is favorable both for local, and for foreign businessmen and the organizations.

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International organizations

Armenia is a member of various international organizations

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Armenian macro-economy and FEZ establishment prerequisites

Armenian State budget incomes for January-December 2012 recorded as AMD 939’388.1 mln, and total expenditures recorded was  AMD 951’732.8 mln. State budget deficit was equal to AMD 12’344.6 mln.

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Financial & Banking Sector

Such international Banks, like EBRD, Eurasian Development Bank, Black Sea Trade & Development Bank successfully operate in Armenia for many years and implement their funding and support programs.

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