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Global specializations of the newly established FEZ are: 

  • At the site of “RAO Mars” - FEZ of an industrial type with a key specialization in “hightech - science – intensive” technologies and production;
  • A FEZ on the site of “YCRDI” - of a technical introduction type specializating in “high-tech”, R&D, and IT. 

Potential residents in following areas of activities are invited: electronics (electronic devices and apparatuses, microelectronics, digital technologies);




  • precise engineering (including precise instrument engineering);
  • pharmaceuticals and biotechnology;
  • information technologies and software;
  • alternative energy sources (including energy-saving technologies);
  • industrial design;
  • telecommunications (development and production of technological equipment, systems and materials for data/information transfer);
  • other directions in the area of high and science intensive technologies.

The residents may place their manufacturing branches in one FEZ and the R&D branches - in another one, using the favorable conditions of the FEZ starting from the product design stage up to its manufacturing process. 


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