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FEZ Infrastructure On The Base Of “RAO MARS”



56 thousand sq. m space of manufacturing (production) & Service purposes                                                                     

11  thousand sq. m. of office space available for rent

  • truck scales at 80 tons, "Edessa";
  • X-Ray machine inspection system Rapiscan;
  • on-site custom infrastructure:
  • custom office for FEZ residents;
  • custom warehouse (temporary storage),  container platform, etc.
  • “one stop” service system (state duty services, documents, certification, registration);
  • “centralized reception” service;
  • 24 hours security service and surveillance;
  • logistic services of FEZ operator (per residents' request),
  • including:
  • storage of residents' goods and cargo;
  • loading and unloading operations (motor transport);
  • Cargo management, accounting and internal transportation;
  • platform for loading-unloading of the goods;
  • parking space for employees' cars of resident companies, and trucks' parking space;
  • Social-domestic infrastructure on the FEZ site, including:
  • Cafeterias and cafes,
  • First aid service,
  • Copying center (copying, printing, etс.),
  • Notary office & translation services,
  • insurance services, legal consultations, etс.

- Banking and 

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